Episode 8: Xxxena: The Porn Princess Pt. 1


Playboy TV original TV original airdate: March 28, 2008

Director: Jason danilak


Danny is surprised and excited when Mr. X selects him to edit the companies new big budget feature, ‘Xxxena: The Porn Princess’. His parents are reluctantly impressed, especially when he surprises them with a trip to Las Vegas.

While his parents talk about Danny’s heart of gold, he reveals the real reason for his generosity; to get them out of the house so he can shoot a scene. Despite his parents instructions that he not have anyone in the house while they’re gone, Danny throws a party for his friends to see some of the porn scenes he’s shot.

Later, while editing Xxxena, Danny is impressed by the main star, Nikita, and wishes he could find girls like that. When the girl he’s booked shows up, she’s no Nikita, but at least Danny’s parents aren’t around and he can take his time. But the girl turns out to be a working girl with a client waiting so once again Danny is rushed.