Episode 7: Viva Danny Vegas


Playboy TV original TV original airdate: March 28, 2008

Director: Jason danilak


After nearly getting kicked out of his parent’s house for shooting in their garden shed, Danny is up to his old tricks again. This time Danny steals his father’s prized ’74 Duster to shoot a car scene with Harley. Thinking he’s gotten away with it, he is surprised to find Mom waiting for him when he arrives home. Luckily she decides not to tell Dad.

When Harley’s site starts making money, Danny decides to attend the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas. Danny instantly falls in love with the city whose name he’s adopted but his attempts to talk big name porn stars into his movie fails miserably. Eric John and Evan Stone give the aspiring director some less than encouraging advice and Danny cracks up Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon during his appearance on Playboy Radio.

Danny returns home more determined than ever to become a big-time porn producer but when he tries to book a nice suite for an upscale shoot he hasn’t counted on the rodeo being in town and the only hotelroom he can find is a complete dive.