Episode 5: Chasing Liz


Playboy TV original TV original airdate: March 21, 2008

Director: Jason danilak


Danny is on thin ice at the pizza parlour. His boss has threatened to fire him if he tries to recruit customers but when Danny delivers a pizza to Liz Porter he can’t help himself. Offering her a role in his new xxx movie, he is amazed when she accepts.

Harley also wants to shoot and Danny realizes he has a dilemna; two hot girls to shoot but no place to shoot them and no guys to shoot them with. He tries to recruit his co-workers but one wants too much money (any money being ‘too much’) and another is opposed for moral reasons.

Luckily Shane volunteers and Danny decides to pair him with Liz since he’s also delivered pizzas to her. He then meets Turner in an adult video store and talks him into doing a scene with Harley. Borrowing friends apartments, Danny shoots two scenes in a single day and is amazed by the quality of his performers and, most of all, with himself as a porn producer.