Episode 3: Mr. X


Playboy TV original TV original airdate: March 14, 2008

Director: Jason danilak


Promising his parents he won’t use the family name, Danny comes up with his new porn moniker: Danny Vegas. Danny signs his first exclusive contract girl (although he doesn’t exclusively pay her) in the form of a beautiful ex-girlfriend named Harley Crossley.

Now that he has content he realizes the importance of finding markets for it but no one is even willing to look at it. About to give up he makes one last call and reaches Mr. X, a shadowy porn producer willing to give a kid a break… up to a point. Danny soon finds himself editing other director’s movies.

Mom and Dad are unimpressed and wonder if Mr. X is taking advantage of their son. Danny is determined to shoot a scene that will convince Mr. X he can do more than edit and turns to the internet to recruit girls where he discovers Hailey Rain.

Renting a cheap motel room he attempts to shoot a scene between Hailey and his old pal Kalen Stark but the two have absolutely no chemistry. When Kalen can’t perform Danny is forced to perform the scene himself but neglects to warn his co-star about the impending oral finish.