Episode 2: Danny Goes About His Business


Playboy TV original TV original airdate: March 7, 2008

Director: B.D Holt


When Danny gets a phone call out of the blue from Miela, a girl he doesn’t even remember recruiting, he realizes how unprepared he is. He doesn’t have business cards, proper equipment or even a business plan.

He turns to his parents for help preparing the latter but the camera he orders on-line doesn’t arrive and he has to shoot Miela with his parent’s camcorder. Realizing the camera he’s ordered isn’t coming and he’s out $3000, Danny cashes in his college fund to buy the proper equipment.

Miela agrees to do another shoot but there is one tiny problem; she can only shoot at 5pm and Danny’s parents get home at 6pm. When Miela arrives late and the shoot takes longer than expected, Danny is nearly caught in the act when mom and dad arrive home in the middle of the shoot!