Episode 13: Danny’s Dream Girl


Playboy TV original TV original airdate: april 18, 2008

Director: b.d holt


After two weeks of living in the garden shed, Mom and Dad take pity on Danny and let him move back into the basement. Committed not to screw up again, Danny is on his best behavior but it doesn’t last long.

When Nikita, the star of Xxxena: The Porn Princess, asks Danny to shoot a scene for her, he realizes all his video is really lacking is a big star. But when he tries to book one, he discovers they’re either unavailable, unwilling to travel to Milwaukee or out of his price range.

His Mom, of all people, suggests he get in touch with Karma, the porn star he met in Vegas, and ask her to be in his video. When she accepts, Danny is ecstatic and begins planning the biggest shoot of his career. But when the big day comes nothing goes as planned and Danny has to decide if he’s really cracked up to be a porn producer.