Episode 11: Mainstream Danny


Playboy TV original TV original airdate: april 11, 2008

Director: b.d holt


When the girls want to add web-cam to their sites Danny enlists the help of web-cam mogul Ashton Gray. While Danny watches (and takes notes), Ashton shows Chanel, Tory and Vienna how to put on a sexy web-cam show.

Later Danny learns that a big budget porno is shooting in town and calls the producers to offer his services. Certain they will want him to direct the film, he is disappointed when the only opening they have is for a boom operator but he reluctantly accepts.

On the set of “Stripper Fantasies” Danny meets porn stars Vivian West and Kyla Ryder. In an attempt to ‘go mainstream’, Danny decides to direct his own low budget horror movie, using many of the things he learned booming “Stripper Fantasies”. But Danny isn’t out of porn long before his urges get the better of him and he agrees to shoot an xxx horror scene with Harley.