Episode 1: What’s Going Down In Danny’s Basement?


Playboy TV original airdate: March 7,2008

Director: B.D Holt


Danny is a 20 year old pizza delivery boy who dreams of becoming the next big porn director. The odds are not in his favor; he has no money, no contacts and still lives in his parent’s basement. Ken and Elaine are Danny’s parents.

They are not at all pleased with their son’s ambitions and have threatened to kick him out if they ever catch him shooting in the house. Against all odds – and with the threat of homelessness hanging over his head – Danny pursues his perverted dream.

Finding girls willing to shoot porn for free proves more difficult than Danny imagined and he is slapped, abused and nearly beaten up by an angry boyfriend when he tries to recruit girls at his favorite bar. Newspapers won’t run his explicitly worded ads and even his friends won’t help him. Luckily Danny’s ex-girlfriend, Krista, comes to the rescue and the resulting ‘basement style’ porn is raw, rough and crude but it’s a start.

When Danny discovers an authentic porn star, Zyra Allison, lives in his hometown and is willing to shoot with him, Danny is on Cloud 9. But he quickly comes crashing back to Earth when his parents find the DVD of the Krista scene he shot in the basement.